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28 May 2024

Users can now update or cancel their registration directly from the link in their confirmation email. As an event organizer, you have the option to enable email notifications for these changes in the signup settings, keeping you informed about any updates to the participant list.

24 April 2024

Creating spots just got easier with our bulk add feature. Simply enter your spot details line by line and hit “Add Spots”!

17 April 2024

Participants now receive a confirmation email upon signup, providing them with a summary of their registration details. As an organizer, you can enable notifications to stay informed about new registrations in real-time. Additionally, we’ve streamlined the process of managing your signup sheet by adding a quick option to remove slots directly from the edit screen.

2 April 2024

We’ve enhanced the display of signup sheets by separating the time into its own column. This improvement aims to provide better readability and a clearer overview of the event schedule for your participants.

29 March 2024

We’ve simplified the process of creating signup sheets for both single and multiple dates, allowing you to easily switch between one or multiple dates while setting up your sheet. Additionally, you can now create signup sheets with a single date and multiple locations, streamlining the management of events or activities happening on the same day across various venues. We’ve also enhanced our interface for a smoother user experience.

09 March 2024

We’ve simplified the process of creating signup sheets for both single and multiple locations. You can now easily switch between one or multiple locations when working on your signup sheet.

02 March 2024

Simplified interface to set up dates across different timezones for signup sheets.

29 February 2024

We have implemented the capture of the user’s timezone and date settings upon registration to simplify the creation of the signup sheet.

18 November 2023

Today marks a significant milestone for us as we joyfully unveil our online signup sheet tool. Equipped with basic functionalities to get you started, this tool is designed to transform your event organization process. Explore its capabilities and let us know your thoughts!